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Overhead crane


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In general
>> Optimized designing, DIN/FEM standard, smaller wheel load, space saving
>> Max. Safe working load 32t
>> Flexible solution for all lifting needs
>> Excellent driving properties, stepless control, smoothly moving

Mechanical feature
>> Double welding box girder, DIN/FEM standard deflection
>> Material Fe37 or Fe52
>> Whole length CNC cutting for complete web plate, high deflection accuracy
>> Trolley rail is high strength flat steel bar (hot rolled ,16Mn)
>> High quality automatic welding and NDT inspection
>> Shot-blasting Sa2.5 for complete girder after welding, stress release
>> Epoxy zinc rich high quality painting, 2x2 with 140μm
>> Class 10.9 High tension bolts mounting between girder and legs, life time safety connection
>> Compacted gear motor driving, stepless control, harden gear, safety disc brake
>> High protection class IP55, F class, 40% ED
>> Double flanged or flat wheels, anti-friction bearings, cellular buffers, derailment protectors
>> Full-length service platform along the crane bridge is supplied, where it is equipped with protective hand railing and toe strips.

Electrification and outfitting
>> Safe slide wire
>> Conductor power supply
>> Phase control guard opens the main contactor in case of phase failure
>> All hoist and crane movements are independent and can be run simultaneously.
>> Contactors meet crane applications, rated for severe vibration.
>> The control panels are finished to withstand corrosion, IP55
>> Heavy duty plug head
>> The components are positioned in a maintenance friendly way, and the whole layout provides good protection against accidental contact.
>> The multi-wire type fixed cables with plastic insulation are intended for crane usage.
>> Cables are coded either with numbers, colors or tags for easy identification.
>> The flat cables used for festoons are PVC insulated flexible flat cables rated for 450/750V, specially designed for cranes, hoists.
>> Festoon cables are suspended on cable saddles, fixed to cable trolleys, running in a galvanised C-track, which is connected to the main girder with bolted or welded support brackets.

Standard hoist
>> First class lifting units, maintenance free 
>> Safe working load 0.5t - 32t
>> DIN/FEM/ISO standard, lightweight construction
>> Silent operation
>> Lower hoist frame, building cost saving
>> Modern design of motor, fan, gear, drum, brake combined with construction of the hoist
>> Optimum cooling, cooling improved up 30%, cut off 170°C as standard
>> Ambient temperature -10℃ – +40℃
>> Painted with 140μm epoxy paint for maximum resistance against climatic conditions, extending the hoist’s working life

Safety protection
>> Gear motor locker rope to protect drop
>> Rain cover for outside hoist, driving units, electrical cubicle
>> Warning indicator: flashing lights and warning sound
>> Wireless infra-detector for anti-collusion

Control Mode
>> Pendant
-Easy control, no additional driver necessary
-Two steps push button, with emergency stop
-Independent festoon station or fixed suspended under hoist
-Protection class IP65
-Life time 500,000 

>> Remote Control
-Easy control, no additional driver, remote access
-Flexible frequency selection, total reliable
-Two steps push button or joy stick station with emergency stop
-Protection class IP65
-Life time 500,000

>> Cabin Control
-Space capsule cabin
-Easy operation
-Professional chairs, adjustable and fully turning
-Round window, big view
-Two steps push button or joy stick station with emergency stop

Technical parameters

Loading   capacity

0.5   ~ 32t

Lifting   height

3   ~ 30 m or customized

Lifting   speed

Single speed: 7 or 8 m/min; or customized

Double speed: 0.7/7 m/min,0.8/8 m/min; or customized

Variable frequency speed: 0.8~8 m/min; or customized


7.5~31.5   m/min

Lifting   mechanism

Wire   rope hoist or electric chain hoist

Working   class

A3   ~ A5

Working   temperature

-20   ~ 40

Power   supply


Control   voltage

DC   -36 / 48V

Motor   protection class


Control   way

Pendant   or remote control

Safety   device

Buffer,   current overload protection, overload prevent device, power failure protection

Application   area

Factory,   workshop, warehouse, power station, logistic, etc.

Painting   color

Yellow,   Red or customized

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