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Special crane


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In general
>> Compacted frame, smoothly moving
>> Frame classification according to FEM 1.001 : A4
>> Smooth and sophisticate operation
>> Flat cable feeding line with sliding supports
>> Complete solution for lifting needs, Max. 5000kg
>> Finish : Bright yellow polyurethane topcoat RAL 1028
>> Slewing is effected on a plain bearing with a self-lubricating ring
>> Large height adjustment
>> Brackets are secured by H.R.M. 24 bolts, class 10.9.
>> Tightening must be achieved by using torque wrench
>> Tightening torque: 92mkg.
>> Strong profile connection
>> Light construction - low loading for the building
>> Easy to install

Control Mode
>> Pendant
--Easy control, no additional driver necessary
--Two steps push button, with emergency stop
--Independent festoon station or fixed suspended under hoist
--Protection class IP65
--Life time 500,000

>> Remote Control
--Easy control, no additional driver, remote access
--Flexible frequency selection, total reliable
--Two steps push button or joy stick station with emergency stop
--Protection class IP65
--Life time 500,000

>> Lifting Motor
--Pole changed squirrel cage motor, 2 speed selection with fast and slow, precise load handling
--IP55 / F class

>> Trolley traversing
--Manual push trolley or stepless motorized trolley, more stable movement, safety solution
--IP54 / F class

>> Rotating mechanism
--Manual or stepless motorized slewing, more stable movement, safety solution

>> Protection class 
--IP54 / F class

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